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Selection process of PhD Candidates:

PhD announcements were published on the ADMER project website (www.admerproject.org) and copies of the announcements also sent to relevant institutions.

Several applications were received, but twelve (12) applicants were shortlisted for interview on the 11th of March 2010.

The applicants were interviewed by both Ghanaian and Danish Professors and faculty members, of varied background and disciplines. The interview panelists included, Professors Niels Frimodt-MØller(AAS/SSI), Mercy J Newman (UGMS), Anders Dalsgaard (LIFE-KU), and Dr Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi (UGMS).


Six of the shortlisted applicants were selected to be PhD candidates on the ADMER project. They included:



Nicholas T.K.D Dayie

University of Ghana Medical School

Beverly Egyir

Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research

Samuel O. Bekoe

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Noah Obeng Nkrumah

University of Ghana Medical School

Linda A. Andoh

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Mary-Anne Ahiabu

Ghana Health Services


Three of the above students are to be enrolled in universities in Ghana and the other three, in Copenhagen, for their PhD programmes.

The above PhD candidates joined relevant stakeholders for an inception workshop held at Akosombo from the 9th – 11th 2010.


Proposed research areas for PhD candidates

The research areas of the students are as follows:

Nicholas T.K.D Dayie, Pneumococcal and enterococcal infections; Beverly Egyir, Staphylococcal infections; Noah Obeng Nkrumah, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella infections; Linda A. Andoh, Salmonella infections; Mary-Anne Ahiabu, Drug procurement and site profiles; Samuel O. Bekoe, Drug registration and quality with respect to storage facilities.




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