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Project organisation, risk/assumptions and time schedule.

The Dept. of Microbiology, UGMS is the Local Responsible Partner in Ghana and will together with the Statens Serum Institute (Project Responsible Partner) in Denmark be responsible for the management of the project. Each partner will appoint an ADMER representative. All main activities will be based on a standard protocol and budget format and be approved by the project management. The roles and responsibilities, incl. on financial management and accountability, are further specified in the Form A, item 6.2.4.

    Based on the outcome of the project preparation workshop held in Accra (Appendix 4), a strong commitment to ADMER was expressed by all project partners and other end-users, e.g. at the policy level. This goes for ownership to the proposed project activities, the ability to identify qualified staff for the MSc and PhD fellowships, and expressed need to establish a national network to promote prudent use of antibiotics. Thus, no major risks have been identified (see also Form A, section 6.2.6, for further details).

    The proposed project duration of phase I is 4-years with an initial 3-months inception phase where activities will be finalized and decided upon based on the outcome of the needs assessment, project management put in place at UGMS and MSc and PhD fellows identified (see also the detailed activity-based time schedule in Appendix 3).

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